i left school almost at quitting time today (3:15) and scanned the radio for something not boring to listen to. i swear if i have to listen to that rhianna & eminem abuse song one more time, i’m gonna scream (okay, not really–i’ll just turn the channel like i always do. ha!). anyway, there were no songs on any of the five stations i usually listen to, so i tried NPR. i sat back in my car, hoping for some entertainment; at no time did i think i would learn how to be a better writing teacher!

how was this, you might be wondering….well, a musician named victor wooten, has written a book (of course i’m totally jealous!) about his approach to teaching music. i really only heard a few minutes before the npr-not-commercial-time started, and i had arrived at my destination, but what i heard was amazing! these are some of the phrases i remember, and can totally relate to being a writing teacher: “you have to let children make mistakes”– “let them practice without telling them they’re wrong; then when they are convinced of their ability, you can guide them” — “play the music with them” — “children learn best when you model and all practice together.”

this is a book i think i want to read, not because i’m a music teacher, but because i’ll bet there are a gazillion connections i can make as a writing teacher. i also need to listen to the rest of the interview (it’s here at the talk of the nation website). i also think i want to explore this metaphor of music and writing–but it really goes for most good teaching, doesn’t it? i’ve read about running and writing, and most recently, a post on two writing teachers  about teaching swimming being a metaphor for writing. but those ideas belong to someone else (good ones, though). maybe i just needed this connection today–a personal way to show me how to get better at something i love to teach, by using something i love to do (play & listen to music).

on a side note, my husband, who normally thinks before he speaks, just made the worst mistake in the world. he told me about a man whose house he’s remodeling. the man, my husband has told me every day for the last 3 weeks, is rather larger than most people; i think kev’s a little scared of him, actually. anyway, so kev’s telling me about going to the dude’s house, and the dude is only wearing his underwear and tee shirt (and, i mean, seriously, what else is more comfy??). so kev says–and i’m quoting here–“his thigh was bigger than your behind.” the look on my face must have told him that he royally messed up!!! he is so in the doghouse! he and lily just left to buy a carpet for the hallway–i’ll bet he comes home with ice cream to make up for his dummy-ness!

hold on a minute……!!!! 😉