i found a new website to make mix tapes from…it’s way cooler than wordpress will probably allow me to do….but, a few songs i’m all into at the moment!

Music Playlist at MixPod.com



some of my favorite songs/videos lately:

bob schneider: 40 dogs (like romeo & juliet) — has become my practically favorite song!! –sorry, i can’t get the video to pop up for this one like the others! go HERE for LYRICS–he sings sort of fast….

train: hey, soul sister

bon jovi: superman tonight (let’s go old school!)

jason derulo: in my head (seriously, i don’t know what’s come over me! he’s not much older than jake, but…I LOVE HIM!!!!

here’s another jd song…i just love this one for the dance moves–honestly!! 🙂

and, a couple of oldies…

chris isaak: wicked game

chicago: will you still love me–hey…what’s a playlist without chicago?

jimmy buffet: let’s just get drunk….because i have a great college story for this song!! (not as perverted as it sounds!!)

prince: wanna be your lover

prince: i would die 4 you –cuz it’s my favorite

***the prince videos sort of suck because prince won’t let his songs be posted on youtube–so the videos are just a taste of his sexiness!

okay..this is really all…
theory of a dead man: wait for me–it reminds me a little of chicago…oh, sorry, but i couldn’t find an “official” video–so just sit back and enjoy the cheesy pics!!

another deadman–and i’m sorry, but this is my fav of their songs, and you HAVE to have the explicit version cuz of the last tagline!!

but…don’t forget this other list–i have a fabulous elvis song here!!!


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