Hello, my name is Stephanie, and I’m…I’m….I’m a bookaholic! Don’t cry for me or feel sorry, or wonder how i make it through the lonely days of my life. Just go to the Barnes & Noble and buy me a book. Feed my addiction so I can  be happy.

But if, by chance, you are looking for a title, I hope that my reviews are helpful!


Latest Reads


It looks as though I haven’t read since December; the truth is, however, that I just haven’t updated this page. Here are just a few of the books I’ve read lately (I plan to create a Glogster poster showing all these books & adding book trailers)






















12.4.2010 (Wow, it’s been a LOOOOONG time since i posted a book reveiw!)

If I Stay — by Gayle Foreman

  Mia’s story represents one of the major reasons why i keep reading: i want a perfect family (childhood wise…) and a passion for some whacked hobby…she does, however, have something that i don’t want, too. i don’t want to make a choice about “staying” or not. the book tells the story of Mia whose family is weird, but not in a bad way–more on the goofy side–and they are in a horribly tragic accident. the chapters are time periods in two days  of Mia’s life. I liked that idea, the way the author dealt with time. Mia’s life literally flashed before her, and the reader experiences that with her–the random thoughts about her family and friends. Music plays a major role in her story, and the author gives notes at the end to tell about the particular songs she chose. This is the “gotta” read book of the month!! if you read it, let me know what you think. i’ve attached the trailer to enhance your curiosity… Enjoy!

Paper Towns by John Green                 
Look here for John’s take on love & relationships….



Absolute Brightness by James Lecesne                                

Leonard Pelkey didn’t have a chance in a world as cruel as this one. He’s different from his peers and his “adopted” family–and doesn’t care who is bothered by it. Well, technically, he does care, but tries to hide this fear from others and himself. His cousin, Pheobe, becomes an unwilling friend–and protector. When Leonard turns up missing, though, Phoebe learns more about herself than she ever expected, especially about good vs. evil. This is a tough read about kids in tough situations and how bad things happen to good people–reminds me of themes in Oedipus Rex (but what hasn’t’ lately?

Whispers from the Dead — by Joan Lowry Nixon    

This is the first JLN book I’ve read –and there was no putting it down! I started it as a way to model independent reading time for my students, but I became an instant fan of JLN’s ability to keep me on the edge of my seat as well as Stephen King or Dean Koontz ever have! Sarah has a near-death experience after which she starts “feeling” otherworldly phenomenon. When she and her parents move to Houston, she begins sensing and then seeing things in the house that make her question her sanity. Her father comes home with a tale of a murder that happened in their house; this jolts Sarah, who then becomes the only person who can solve the crime.


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