The prompt:

Where do they vacation? Where do they hide? Write about a well-known character or personality associated with any holiday & tell  what that character does after his or her holiday is over. (From writingfix.com)


So, my character is Cupid — you know, the love-god of Valentine’s Day? Well, I know for a FACT that he vacations in Lincolnton. Uh-huh…He likes the Lake Norman area, but can sometimes be found lollygagging in the L-town Walmark (need to find a pic to go here…). Anyway, when he’s not at the Walmark, he really likes to sit on his back porch at the lake. The water calms him –plus, he can hide from his overprotective mutha, Aphrodite. She’s never satisfied with his girlfriends, not even that nice one a few years back, Psyche. That is such a sad tale of lost love.

But at the lake, with the water lapping at the shore, families whooping and hollaring about the coldness, and jet-skis growling across the waves, Cupid can relax. Think about all the good lovin’ he’s dished out for the last two weeks (knowing he really has to come up with some way to get boys to shop BEFORE  the day before!). He’s the match-maker; he doesn’t need love, he tells himself. Love is overrated. And there were so many that were disappointed because he couldn’t get to them.

When thoughts of Psyche invade his mind, he lets them. The water will take the memories away for another day.


Lilybelle keeps telling me that 2012 is not a real number.( I swear, I don’t know what schools are teaching kids these days!). Kev and I argued about money again last night, only to feel bad about it, and both us us apologized and worked it out. And he bought stock today. And Jake has a job interview at a particular time on Saturday. I have two more chemo treatments, but three surgeries before I can go back to work. But I’ve read thirteen books since January. And it’s March Madness!

And I’ve lost a week of March –lost…it’s not there. Not on the calendar; not in my memory; not in my American Idol Tivo-ed episodes. I’m wondering what all these numbers have to do with each other. To be honest, I really don’t know. I wanted to write today about school and how much I’m missing the classroom; however, when I started typing, Lily’s voice was in my head.

Where does the time go? I sent a tweet out a few minutes ago about cheering for the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers for NCAA because my high school was the RS Central Hilltoppers..and once a Hilltopper — ALWAYS a Hilltopper!! When did I go from that (sort of) carefree sixteen year-old to this heavy-hearted middle-age chick? Would I even recognize myself? (Okay, well, I don’t mean right now…I have no boobs or hair! haha). I’m pretty sure the answer is no.

So all this math reminds me of a Baby Blues cartoon is cut out the other day (I’ll probably get in trouble for copying it..but I found it at some place called The Comic Strips…maybe if I Pin it, I won’t get in too much trouble!!)

So, that’s my take…when Lily tells me that a number isn’t real, or Kev fusses at me because I really good at subtracting, but NOT adding, or when I start to feel OLD….I’m just gonna change the channel! haha…..

Who’s with me??


My latest mind-numbing past time is Pinterest — if you haven’t seen it, you MUST go there just to waste some time! My boards are here: http://pinterest.com/smccabe29/

I’m trying to pin some things that are a least a little educational — One board I like has some Norman Rockwell picture that I think would make cool writing prompts. I’m still trying to figure out the purpose of these mine scrapbooks….but seriously, there probably IS no purpose!! haha…

Are you on Pinterest? If so, what kind of cool boards do you have?

I’m trying to figure out how it’s almost spring when there was never really a winter! haha…When the Kevman and I lived in Vegas, I couldn’t wait to get back to NC so I could have more than two weather types: hot and hotter! This “winter” though has been more of a Vegas year, haha…but who could get mad about such pretty pictures like these?



Pretty days like this one make me think about days at the beach and being out in the sun. The best part of this summer will be that I’ll be on the recovery end of one horrific year! I’m going to figure out how to take it one day a time and not wish my life away — even the bad parts right now. A person has to grow during times of stress, right? I mean, if not, what was the point of going through the rough spots? My growth, I think, is learning to take better care of my health and the Kevman’s health. I want us to have a stupid hobby together — like not knowing how to play tennis or almost drowning at scuba diving. Just something to keep us active and feeling alive — not sitting around waiting for the next medical crisis.

I mean, if we aren’t here, WHO would be around to listen to the LilyBelle complain about being BORED and having NO ONE to PLAY with??


Today’s post is a LilyBelle story:

Lily had a very, very good good day because Lily had a really, really fun field trip. And she went to a play. It was called Charlotte’s Web. The play was about Wilbur the pig and Charlotte the spider. They were friends. Charlotte saved Wilbur’s life. She was about to lay a egg sac. She had 100 children, but she died. Wilbur took care of them for his friend. He missed his friend very, very much. That’s why he wanted to take care of them for his friend, Charlotte. The goose was really bossy (like my mommy), and Templeton had a great time at the fair.  Templeton ate so much food at the fair. He was fattened up so a witch could cook him and eat him. And Charlotte said, “Templeton, you need to stop going to the fair and eat that much.” My mommy loves Charlotte’s Web because it is “T-double E-double R-double I – double F- double I – double C” !! I loved it. It was so, so good and terrific.


I had a great time at the play. Then we went to Chuck E Cheese. I could play games and get lots of tickets, but I didn’t have time to play seven more games. It was lots of fun. I had so much fun that I couldn’t breathe anymore, and I was about to puke!

by: Lily Suzanne


I hope you liked Lily’s summation of her day. I finally got it out of her how her field trip went! You’d think a 5-year-old would be more descriptive and excited about riding a bus and going to a play and eat at a restaurant…but she’s been taking too much advice from Jake and “forgetting” all about her day. I have to PULL IT OUT OF HER!! haha…

I read a couple of days ago on Twitter that Robert Sherman died this week. Who’s Robert Sherman, you may ask? Well, apparently, he was just the musical genius behind most of the Disney movies I love! (Here’s the link to the LA Times story: Robert Sherman obituary). One of the movies he worked on was Mary Poppins — a movie I could watch, restart, rinse & repeat a million times! — the story which brings me MUCH joy! He and his brother also wrote the music & songs for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang — another that I am absolutely obsessed with.

But the song I’m reminded of this morning is “It’s a Small World” — it’s used in a ride at Disney World. The lyrics sort of repeat “It’s a small world after all….there’s so much that we share, that it’s time we’re aware, it’s a small world after all” — sung in all sorts of different languages. Thank God for YouTube…here’s a video:

I think I was like 8 the first of two times I went to Disney World — and I remember loving this ride. All the little characters looked to happy and safe and harmonious. These adjectives weren’t really ever used to describe the family I grew up in, unfortunately. But, like all the other Disney products, goodness always came out on top — a theme that gave me hope.

Often over the years, it’s occurred to me that many of the kids I work with have these same issues — like a physical and/or emotional safety problem. I hope that, even though I’m just their teacher, I’ve shown them a little light. That maybe if they see that they have more things in common with others than not, that they can reach out and find some positiveness they long for. If I can lead by example and give them hope for a better future, then I think I’ve done my job –either that, or when I spaz out and sing these songs to them in class, they at least laughed a little and found some joy! 😉


In anticipation of my third year of daily Slice of Life Story participation, I thought I’d practice. This makes me happy today…..



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