nerdlutiont555I’ve been very addicted to Twitter lately — it’s almost all I do except read very important books!! 😉  The other day, I creeped into a conversation where some important people wanted to re-commit to personal goals. There’s a hashtag, round of blog posts, and a picture to make this all “official”! Here is one blog I read that explains #Nerdlution better than I ever could: Sharpread

I’m making a commitment that for the next 50 days, I’ll do a few things I’ve been neglecting. Here’s the short list:

1…blog each day. It can be here or maybe in my daybook, but writing is a must!

2… SOME sort of exercise. The best way to do this is to follow that blasted Fast Metabolism book!! Just do it, please!

3…have Game Night with Lily once a week. Wednesdays sound good (and with Jake when he’s home).


That’s probably all the resolutions I need to make. Hell, I’m already behind on the first day’s…it’s after midnight. Maybe Dec 1 will be the start date…now if I can just do the math to see when the 50 days are up! haha…

Good news is I’ve read 2 1/2 books this week: One Night That Changed Everything; a skeery book from the WL library (that I can’t remember the name of, nor can I find it!); and half finished with The Sea of Tranquility, a creepy book that Donna told me to read.

I also started another website to house my teaching “stuff” — I’m being horrible by keeping resources in a million other places, so today, I tried to put websites and ideas and documents in one spot. We’ll see how long that lasts! For now, though, I have 4 pages…but the Home page is my favorite. I’m really struggling with staying with teaching, so I added a cute WeeMe avatar (where I’m holding my old Blackberryand a Starbucks coffee),3 videos that inspire me, a poem, a quote by Ghandi (for when I’ve feeling really bad) and, a Spotify

Avatar Me2playlist of 13 songs that should definitely inspire me (or, at least, define how I feel about teaching — when I love it, not now when I’m pissed).

    I know…cute, huh??

That about does it for today’s episode!


It was finally time. We watched her open the door, test the wind with a finger beside her cap, and step outside the veranda, her hand just lingering. As if she’d take that step back. As if this faith was not real.

But we called — we chirrped; we who-whooed; we rustled — and she stepped down. She fiddled with the music and called her dog. They took it slowly up the driveway. Cardinal thought she looked funny in her bulky coat, black sweats, and black knit hood. Humming thought she looked grand and just this-side of warmed over. Toad just wished she’d make the dog stop smellng others’ behinds!

She walked on — even though it wasn’t easy. We saw her limp a few times. It worried us, but Antie said she was just dancing a little to the music. Squirrel-Ana chipped that she better not over do it. It’s a 5K Run, for goodness sake! Her little dog, Ginger, told us not to worry, that she’d get her to the back yard where it was safe.

The music was cranking, though; we heard it. Bon Jovi, and Theory of a Deadman cracked us up. But when “Jessie’s Girl” came on, we know — we knew our girl was back!.

She stayed with us the whole half hour even though it was tough. But Michael Jackson told her not to stop ’til she’d had enough — and boy, she didn’t!

We might not see her again for a couple of days, but we think she’ll be back soon. There’s just something about the early days of spring that make you feel young and watched over. And we will watch over her. Every little step she takes.

****My slice is based off a prompt today that said: “Start a piece with the line: It was finally time.” and the walk I took around ten-thirty. Four days after chemo-round-two seemed like a good day to walk….and I think the little animals/critters were with me!

Here are some little inspirations I saw along the way:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Okay, well, I was all set at 10pm tonight to write about my first day of my life plan, and then the Kevman got woken up by a screaming Lily and went to smoke (I totally need to start smoking. I’m stressed at school, and because Lily is too spoiled….hey, doesn’t smoking make you lose weight, too?? hmmm…). Anyhoo….the Kevman yells at me to “turn on the tv because Obama’s going to make some kind of major announcement.” So, my stomach goes straight to my toes because I’m totally afraid of what horrible thing that has happened in the world…

I find out, when I turn on the tv that at first no one (the talking heads) know what’s going on…then @JohnKing comes on CNN and totally ruins The Prez’s surprise!! It’s been amazing, though, to live through this moment in history in both with my favorite MSNBC and Twitter!! I wish, though, that I could be in one of those flash mobs in Washington…..I think that’s is just the greatest show of unity ….everyone is just happy or relieved or something. And reading my Twitter feed has been nothing less than AMAZING!! I’ve been getting screencasts of some tweets to use in class tomorrow. We can talk about how fast the news broke, flash mobs, social media, should we celebrate a person’s death?, and, I found out on Twitter that today was the annoucement of Hitler’s death–and the 8th anniversary of GWB’s famous “Mission Accomplished” speech — MAN!!! When you combine that with the fact that the Prez broke in on the episode of Celebrity Apprentice, it just sort of feels like, I don’t know… irony!! 😉

So…it’s now 1:15am, and I’m totally exhausted…but I want to stay up and watch this. But, I didn’t get much on my To-Do List completed this weekend, so I suppose I should go to bed. I do want to say that I did exercise for about an hour (Hark! Do you hear my knees creaking?), and I stayed under my calorie count. So…SCORE!!! Yea, me!!

As far as writing goes, I was supposed to write about what happens when I write–what my critic says to me; what makes me stop? Well, I didn’t stop tonight. I wrote. Blogging counts. Plus, I’ve sent six or seven tweets. And checked papers. And an email to a student who’s driving me crazy!!

BTW….does anyone else see Jack Bauer’s hand in this Osama success?? Wouldn’t you LOVE to talk to one of the men involved in that operation? That’s just amazing…USA….USA…USA…USA!!!