sols_6Dear Nookalicious:

I love you as an e-reader. You’re much cooler than my niece’s Kindle, plus, you’re better looking. It’s crazy cool that you can occupy Lily with Read-To-Me titles and gaming apps. It’s even okay that JakeyPie shakes his head every time he sees me reading you.

But you know what? As much as I love you and can’t imagine not having you around, you’ll never replace my books. I see you with that look in your eye when I choose you over them, but mostly, you just sit on my nightstand waiting for me to pack you up for a trip some where. You’ll never crackle with new-page-smell. Or fan me when I’m hot. Or let me bend the top of your page to hold my place, or the bottom of your page to catch a cool quote. I can’t even sticky-note you, for crying out loud!

Yes, I’ll admit, Kevin likes you better — less cluttered stacks of books waiting to be taken to school for my students. But you’ll never feel the electric current of being held and thumbed through and thrown in the backpack of a teenager. When your battery runs out, so does the story. My book will still be there, waiting for the page to turn.

Don’t cry, Nookalicious. You do have a purpose. I get to sample all kinds of books and decide if I want to buy a hard copy of it. That’s something, right? And I can always watch House of Cards on Netflix…

But I can’t fall asleep with you in my hands. If I do, I wake up with a TERRIBLE headache!