The prompt:

Where do they vacation? Where do they hide? Write about a well-known character or personality associated with any holiday & tell  what that character does after his or her holiday is over. (From


So, my character is Cupid — you know, the love-god of Valentine’s Day? Well, I know for a FACT that he vacations in Lincolnton. Uh-huh…He likes the Lake Norman area, but can sometimes be found lollygagging in the L-town Walmark (need to find a pic to go here…). Anyway, when he’s not at the Walmark, he really likes to sit on his back porch at the lake. The water calms him –plus, he can hide from his overprotective mutha, Aphrodite. She’s never satisfied with his girlfriends, not even that nice one a few years back, Psyche. That is such a sad tale of lost love.

But at the lake, with the water lapping at the shore, families whooping and hollaring about the coldness, and jet-skis growling across the waves, Cupid can relax. Think about all the good lovin’ he’s dished out for the last two weeks (knowing he really has to come up with some way to get boys to shop BEFORE  the day before!). He’s the match-maker; he doesn’t need love, he tells himself. Love is overrated. And there were so many that were disappointed because he couldn’t get to them.

When thoughts of Psyche invade his mind, he lets them. The water will take the memories away for another day.