I went to the writing marathon today with my Writing Project peeps. My friend Sally texted yesterday and told me to come. I said yes, just because I think I need to get out more. We started off at Amelie’s restaurant, and from there, the participants left for other cafes, restaurants and stores (I think IKEA was a big hit!). I wrote two pieces during the day — that I revised once I got home. Of course they both have to do with the blasted CANCER crap — because what in my life right now DOESN’T involve that??

First up: a poem….

Ode To My Ponytail (You know…because I don’t have one anymore!! By the way, odes are HARD! Iambic pentameter & rhyme scheme — this was almost too much for my brain….)

Free-flowing, swinging, rhythms in mid-air

Connected to my head through magic bands;

My youth held, a fragile glass, in stylish flair.

Breezes breath across my face dark-brown strands

Awakening my thoughts to your presence.

Seven months gone become seven too long–

Winter lengthens into summer’s shade tree.

Stiffened joints, age spots, and wrinkled creases

Will probably unfold before you’re strong

Again. How, I wonder, can this truth be?

**Man, I SERIOUSLY miss my flipping ponytail!! (no pun intended! haha)


Next, a list for my friend Lil, who’s in the midst of her own journey:

13 Tips for Lil (aka — What I Wish I’d Known)

1. Get regular mani/pedis — You deserve to be pampered.

2. Carry a pillow

3. Feel sorry for yourself exactly 10 minutes a day then let it go  — 15 minutes if you’re in the middle of a good cry

4. Read other women’s journeys when you’re ready —

5. DON’T let those women scare you (every one has her own road through treatment)

6. Eat watermelon — LOTS (and lime jello!)

7. Lifesavers (they aren’t JUST a candy)           

8 . When people say to let them know what they can do to help, tell them one thing — even if it’s just to get you a glass of water (it makes them feel less helpless)

9. When people notice your baldness, wig, or scarf, and say, “Oh, you’re going through cancer treatment?” say back, “Nope. My new lover is an alien and shaving your hair is the first step to true love.”

10. You’re going to miss your boobs, no matter your age. Wear pretty undershirts and lacy (but not underwire) brassieres to make it a little easier.

11. Make your sister (or best friend) be at your beck and call; You can seriously get back at her for torturing you throughout your childhood!

12. There’s nothing wrong with afternoon naps. Have your oncologist write you a prescription if you need it.

13. Watch funny movies starring your favorite comedians. A few suggestions: Arsenic & Old Lace (Cary Grant); Elf, Stepbrothers, & Anchorman (Will Ferrell); Dumb & Dumber (Jim Carey); Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder)


An almost productive day!