After the whirlwind of medical appointments these last few months, this week has been like a breath of fresh air (well, it’s only been two days, and there’s a chance I could be disappointed, but…doubtful!). Anyway, I’m back with my UNC-Charlotte Writing Project cohort this week for an advanced teacher research in digital spaces. I have two goals this week: (1) figure out how to do kinetic text — words moving around the page; and (2) figure out how to do screencasting. Yesterday, though, I also figured out that I need to work with Wikispaces for virtual literature circles. And, a colleague and I are going to present at the state English teachers’ conference on using visual images for argument writing.

Ahhhh….that’s a ton of work, right?

Today, I figured out how to do a screencast using — but it just doesn’t work with my earphones plugged in! I made a QR code to “RickRoll” some people at my school — so I just need to print that off (okay, not EVERYTHING has been strictly professional! haha). And I have been spending a lot of time looking for images and other videos that can cause some discussion for my students — to intro argument writing. My GoogleDocs file was growing as of 3:00; hopefully, I’ll be able to add to it later.

I’ve been holed up in my house because of my medical issues, and felt that I had lost all my confidence about things I used to think I knew a lot about. When I arrived for the class yesterday, though, I felt such an embrace of acceptance and happiness that I was able to show up, that it seemed stupid to keep my lost-my-mojo attitude. So, it’s gone.

There’s something important to be said for community. I have that with this group….

And I feel like this: