Today, my sister and I were able to spend the whole day together — alone. No silly husbands. No interrupting kids. No fussy mother. Just us. It was beautiful! We talked about stupid sister stuff, like how hard being married is and hopes for our kids. We reminisced about younger years (“Do you remember…?”) and tried to get each other to remember long-lost events and people.

But the thing that I loved the most was hearing her be that little girl I remember so well. She never knew how much I envied her carefree view of life — finding joy in little things like gossip and getting an autograph of a famous person. She’s able to talk to anyone about anything — and in that way, she reminds me of my grandmother. I remember being in awe that she could connect with whoever she came across — my sister has always been like that. Fearless. I still envy her ability (but don’t tell her!)

It’s hard growing up and growing apart. But we’ve come to appreciate our relationship so much more now that we are old (and she grew out of my shoe size!). It’s cliche to say that your sister is your best friend, but in my case, it’s true. She’s the only one who I want to share my good and bad times with because i know she won’t judge me —and if she does, I’ll just remind her of this:

(She slurped this down in like three seconds and said: “Oh, man…I hate the bottom of the glass!” haha…)