So, my LilyBelle has made a new friend with the little girl next door. In my mother’s words: “You can’t keep them apart.” –She just made an observation that now that they’ve found each other and are old enough to walk back and forth to each other’s house, they want to be together ALL the time! In the last three weeks, I’ve had “company” — Every. Single. Day. Every one. I think it’s driving me nuts! haha….

It’s fun noticing how Lily changes with this little friend. I don’t work at the school she attends like I did with Jake, so I don’t get to see her interact with kids her age. I see a little of the I-want-to-do-things-my-way attitude that every child has, but I also see a little girl who watches out for someone else and wants to please. They are funny together, and it’s nice to see Lily be able to share her toys and share her time with someone other than me. But she can be bossy — she just doesn’t have to win, a trait I find refreshing. She seems to understand the purpose of sharing.

I don’t remember Jake being like that. I think when he had friends over, he was content to play something totally different than his company. He’s always created his own little world and didn’t care if anyone followed or if he was alone. It helped me when I was in graduate school — I could get my homework done! — But now that I’m thinking back, this might make me sad.

Dern it….why do kids always have to be so weird? heehee…

**Well, I didn’t mean for this to be a Proms & Potties story, but it turned out that way! 😉