I think I’ve written about one of my favorite shows before: Raising Hope. It comes on Fox, Tuesdays, although because I TIVO it, I don’t know what time! Anyway, I was catching up with the last two weeks, and one of them was called “Spank Butts, No Spanks” where the main character, Jimmy (baby Hope’s dad) had to decide if he was going to spank Hope for disobeying. I loved this because Jimmy parents told him about the “one time” they decided to spank him and “look how well you turned out”! haha…The spanking incident is recounted and Jimmy, even though he can’t believe they spanked him, thinks it wasn’t so bad. But he can’t make himself spank Hope.

This whole episode reminds me of the Kevman, and how he’s had such a hankering to spank Jakey-poo and LilyBelle. It kills me because he threatens them all the time (well, not Jakey-poo now, of course), but he never did. He always chickened out. I think it was because he didn’t want to hurt them (I, on the other hand, am the spanker in the family. A pop on the tush has gotten me out of some rocky situations; however, they were/are few and far between). But the Kevman just can’t bring himself to do this. I find this an endearing trait in my sweet-sweety.

Here’s the link to the episode on FoxTV — I can’t find just one clip from YouTube. If you watch it, the twist should crack you up — and you’ll be able to see what the dude I married is really like! 😉