Dear Twitter:

You  and I have been friends for about two years. We’ve been through a lot, and you’ve helped me meet some seriously cool people. I’ve written lesson plans based on tweets, “attended” workshops I’d never have the funds for, and let me share my weird life with the world. I really like that programs like Storify help me make incredible presentations and class stories. You’ve been instrumental in my learning through live “chats” like #engchat, #fycchat, and #titletalk (well, the last one usually costs me lots of money, and the Kevman fusses at me!). I even get a glimpse into famous people’s lives (celebrities AND authors).

But something’s got to give. I’m on info overload! I have more Favorites than I do followers! Every time I break out my phone, click the Twitter birdy, and start reading…there’s always something I want to read and use in the classroom. Or keep to put in my daybook. Or email to someone who doesn’t have a Twitter account (Jakey-poo, I’m talking to you!). Do I ever go to Twitter on my computer to get some of those Favorites off? No…the links just pile up like the still-pictures on my phone!

I use you a thousand times more than I do crappy old Facebook. I love you. But you have to chill with the info. Or I’m going to have to quit favoriting everything I read.

I know. I’m just puffing hot air. I just wanted to let you know that you are not helping my ADD.