In my neverending quest for my March Slice of Life to NOT be a cancer journal, I of course have another entry about that very topic! haha…I spent last night in the hospital for running a fever and having a very low white blood cell count. My favorite part of the night was sitting in the patient room from 9:15pm or so until 3:00am with no medicine at all, and my fever just sort of disappeared. The doctor who finally saw me around 11:45 told me he was admitting me over night because they couldn’t figure out why I had a fever. I was in a “whatever” mood, but I should have gone with my instincts and left at midnight. When I made Kevin go and complain, the nurse told him that some people had been there for eight hours and hadn’t been seen yet. I find that abhorrent. And wrong.

But, I told all the docs and nurses I came in contact with me they they had until 1:00pm on Friday to do what they were going to do because I had a ticket to see The Hunger Games movie at 2:00. They got me out around noon…I went home for an hour to shower and rest….and went to my movie. However, my oncologist called during this time, and Kevin kept calling and texting — these messages I didn’t get until the movie was over. Apparently, my oncologist was all mad that the hospital had let me leave, that they hadn’t treated the low blood count, they didn’t give me the right kind of medicine, and, most horribly….that I had gone to a movie, thus exposing myself to massive amounts of germs.

Well, that’s just too bad! I had on my Katniss bow & arrow earrings and my District 12 Tribute bracelet and Mockingjay pin. There was NO STOPPING me from seeing that movie!! It was sooooo worth getting in trouble!

(Lest anyone worry, I’ve been in time-out since!)