I know it’s not Friday, and not April, but I received the BEST poem in my email today from “Poem A Day.” Here it is:

Superheroes as 2004 Volkswagen Passat: A Double Sonnet
by Bruce Covey

The Invisible Woman is the windshield.
Mr. Fantastic is the wiper fluid.
The Thing is the tire.
The Human Torch is the spark plug.
Spiderman is the antenna.
Storm is the ignition coil.
Rogue is the crank shaft.
The Punisher is the exhaust pipe.
Captain America is the hub cap.
Quicksilver is the oil.
Rogue is the gasoline.
Psylocke is the catalytic converter.
The Hulk is the cylinder block.
She Hulk is the mount.

Mantis is the manifold.
Ms. Marvel is the muffler.
The Scarlet Witch is the instrument panel.
Iceman is the cooling system.
Wolverine is the hood.
Colossus is the camshaft.
Banshee is the horn.
Polaris is the voltage regulator.
Silver Surfer is the rearview mirror.
Powerman is the bearing.
Phoenix is the powertrain.
Emma Frost is the hinge pillar.
The Vision is the fuse box.
Black Widow is the brake.


I think this is a poem I can share with my students next year, so they can see, like Fancy Nancy, that a poem can be about ANYTHING!! I don’t know allof these superheroes, but the ones I do know, the metaphor hits the mark. The ones I don’t, I can draw conclusions about their character, then look them up to see if I’m right. Or, I can choose a superhero and create my own poem/metaphor…or do something like this with family members.

Crap….I need to start writing!! 😉