My lovely co-workers brought several days worth of dinners over yesterday. It was one of those unspeakably nice things that people do for each other, but is so hard to ever repay — so it just makes me feel worse. So when I went to school today for a visit, I had to decide if I was going to spend the time crying and “talking cancer” or focus on my students. Weirdly, I was able to do both.

I had a list of kids I wanted to talk to…and a list of teachers, haha…I think the teachers won, though….but when some kids got wind that I was at school, my group grew a little! 😉

The plan with them was for me to make a Facebook fan page so they could stay in touch — and, most importantly, tell me what they are reading. I’m wondering why I’m still trying to fight that battle since I’m not there; however, I was pleasantly pleased that many of them had picked up the reading bug with me last semester, so they could share books they were reading. I took them the twelve books I’ve read since January and most of them got checked out (with the librarian). We decided to make a “date” to try to see The Hunger Games movie together in a few weeks, so that will be fun.

Like I said the other day, I know this visit was much more for me than for them; but they needed to see me and know I am okay. My colleagues needed to see that, too. So, I’m putting this on the Great Day list!