I’m scoring TAKS tests for Pearson Testing, just to earn some extra money since I’m not working. The last time I scored writing tests, it was for the NC 10th grade test, and I totally sucked — even though I taught the flipping test! The problem is the rubric! I can’t understand it — it’s too full of holes and so open to interpretation. And I could hardly get the anchor papers right — either too high, or too low. Then, I didn’t last much more that two weeks because they “pride” themselves on the scorers reliability & validity — HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. So, I’m not sure why they offered me another position (actually, I’ve gotten other email invitations, but have not really had time to try again).

I’m doing the same thing now. I read a paper, don’t really pay attention to the mechanics because I wouldn’t on a first read with my students, and give the score I think goes along with the Texas rubric. Right now, I’m at about 63% accurate with the anchor papers. I hate it…and I’m thinking this is not worth the stress I’m feeling. The writing is so different than in NC — but still ALL narratives! It’s amazing to me that these kids can pick any type of genre to respond to the prompt, except poetry, and the majority write personal narratives. I don’t feel too bad about my writers because these kids don’t really use paragraphing either…and most of them can’t use homophones correctly to save their lives — so it’s NOT just in MY classroom! haha….

But some of these papers are heart-wrenching pieces. I want to flag most of them and tell the supervisors they better be calling those schools to get the kids some freaking counseling! If I’m not reading about sex/physical abuse and parental drug use, I’m reading about how much better they feel because God’s in charge of their lives. I’m wondering what the hell’s going on in Texas?! haha…

Maybe I can hang on and make a little vacation money – or even enough to get Jakey-poo an iPad for his birthday….but if I keep acting like I’m a National Writing Project alumni instead of some bum off the street reading stupid papers….I definitely won’t!!

Any advice?