On Friday, I went back to the wig shop for some head coverings that are more comfortable than sitting around in a hellish fake wig all day long. The sales lady was just as nice as the first time I went in and sympathized with me dealing with my hair loss. After buying a few things, she gently suggested that I go to Walmart or Target to buy some scarves and hats to get me through until my hair starts growing back. I did and found several cute things (I’ve probably already written about this, but my short-term memory fades in and out).

Anyway, after wearing some scarves over the weekend — and, according to the Kevman, looking like a freaking piratess or gypsy (if only I had my eyebrow pierced and wore long, dangling earrings!) — the LilyBell HAD to have a scarf to wear, too! So, we bought her one, and now she won’t take the damn thing off!!!!

But, she’s too cute, right?? 😉