So, I’m totally missing my classroom. I look at the YA books I’ve read since I’ve been out, and they look so lonely….just waiting for someone to read them. Last year, I wrote a post questioning if it was time to move out of teaching. There was a job at Lowes Corporate office here in North Carolina for a Collection Librarian. I called around asking about the job and was all ready to interview, but then decided against it. Maybe I felt guilty, I don’t know. But since I’ve been out of the classroom since December, I’ve learned something about myself: I’m a freaking teacher!

Yep, yep, yep…there’s no point denying it. I’m a glutton for punishment. I think what people who don’t teach don’t understand (or maybe they do, and that’s why they don’t teach!) is that teaching is hard. HARD! Emotionally and psychologically and all the other “nallys” haha…I’m so drained when my students leave at 3:00, most days it’s too much trouble to think about walking to the car! And being around teenagers for 6-7 hours a day 180 days a year is no picnic. Hell, I think that’s why their parents send them to school in the first place — they don’t want to deal with them either!! haha..

BUT I MISS THEM SOOOOOOO MUCH!! OMG….something is so wrong with me, right? I woke up with this incredible idea today. I made a list of about 13 students (one because that’s my favorite number, but two, because I couldn’t not put certain people on my list). These are kids who would love my lonely books and kids I need to check on. Plus I just miss them and want to make sure they are okay. I mean, I know they are okay without me —I’m not okay without them!  <<sniff, sniff>> My plan is to let them see my books and choose one to read if they want to, give them a Hunger Games bookmark, plan to see the HG movie together (at a time that is NOT opening weekend), and see if they want me to set up a Facebook page for what we are all reading. I guess that if I was a really good teacher, and really did miss them, that I would have kept my class blog & Twitter account up-to-date…however, being treated for cancer is not the most fun thing in the world, and for the longest time, I couldn’t even use the computer for very long periods of time. (I know…excuses, excuses…).

So…that’s my plan. If nothing else, I’ll feel better. And anyone who knows me knows it’s ALL about me in the end! haha…


p.s. I’m linking to a YouTube channel about the Common Core by the people who bring it to us. I think this is scary, people. Since I’m using my time off as an inquiry period for lesson plans using CCSS, I’ve been doing some reading about the origins and the people behind it — and it terrifies me. If you only watch the one video, that should be enough to scare you, too. The fact that these people really do not want questioners/thinkers in school — only questions about the text organizational strategies — is so antithetical to American democracy, it reminds me of 1941 Russia! (Sorry, I’m in the middle of a great book called Between Shades of Gray).

And it’s not like Ruth’s YA inquiry about texts from a few summers ago. It’s like “don’t have an opinion, yours doesn’t count anyway. Just the text, ma’am, just the text.” I’m not that kind of reader, and I don’t know many students who are either. The very first thing they tell me when they don’t read a book is “I don’t like ….(the character/situation/etc).” Surprisingly, it’s nothing about the organizational techniques the author uses–even when sometimes that IS a problem.

I’m interested in what you think if you watch any of this.