So, I’m checking my email this morning after the Kevman took the LilyBelle to school. I see the daily Diigo Education Group update, and one of the links is to help teachers have a good day. I think, “Okay…let’s see if this link is going to help me have a good day.” I think it might be silly things that kids say, or something sarcastic about “The Educational Establishment” — but I get SOOOOOOO much more! I get a Slice! haha…

13 Ways to Make Today a Good Day

1. Drink a cup of coffee or tea — heaped with all the good things you like in it (or keep it naked, however you like it!)

2. Read the first page  of your favorite books — remember what made you love them (Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret, here I come!)

3. Talk to a little kid about school (LilyBelle told me this morning that she doesn’t do science or “studies” — she just does work! haha)

4. Text your teenager and wait (4-5 days) for him/her to acknowledge your presence. Remember ways you ignored your own parents periodically and shake your head, smiling with how much your kid is like you.

5. Tweet something nice about one of your UN-favorite students — maybe make a wish for him/her (don’t necessarily have to name names, though!).

6. Go to a wig store and try on a new hairstyle or color.

7. Give your significant other at least one “long, slow, deep, soft, wet kiss” (Sorry…I’m a Bull Durham fan –the kiss doesn’t have to be wet! haha).

8. Read the comics from your newspaper. Cut one out to reread through the day. (The best ones help you get a Slice! haha…)

9. Pet your dog(s) because they always look at you with that pet-me-love-me-really-it’s-okay sort of look! (Uh…they just did it to me, just right then!)

10. Go rollerblading— or, at least close your eyes and imagine you’re the kind of person who rollerblades! (Or paddle boarding, whichever!)

11. Shake your head at the weirdness of the politics in America today — and then go eat some ice cream.

12. Drive to Target/Walmart/the mall with all the windows open (reschedule this if it’s raining).

13. Smile — even if no one’s in the room; maybe even have your own private belly laugh!

**Bonus: Blog and post a Slice of Life! 🙂

Okay….which one do you want to do today? What would you add to my list?