Lilybelle keeps telling me that 2012 is not a real number.( I swear, I don’t know what schools are teaching kids these days!). Kev and I argued about money again last night, only to feel bad about it, and both us us apologized and worked it out. And he bought stock today. And Jake has a job interview at a particular time on Saturday. I have two more chemo treatments, but three surgeries before I can go back to work. But I’ve read thirteen books since January. And it’s March Madness!

And I’ve lost a week of March –lost…it’s not there. Not on the calendar; not in my memory; not in my American Idol Tivo-ed episodes. I’m wondering what all these numbers have to do with each other. To be honest, I really don’t know. I wanted to write today about school and how much I’m missing the classroom; however, when I started typing, Lily’s voice was in my head.

Where does the time go? I sent a tweet out a few minutes ago about cheering for the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers for NCAA because my high school was the RS Central Hilltoppers..and once a Hilltopper — ALWAYS a Hilltopper!! When did I go from that (sort of) carefree sixteen year-old to this heavy-hearted middle-age chick? Would I even recognize myself? (Okay, well, I don’t mean right now…I have no boobs or hair! haha). I’m pretty sure the answer is no.

So all this math reminds me of a Baby Blues cartoon is cut out the other day (I’ll probably get in trouble for copying it..but I found it at some place called The Comic Strips…maybe if I Pin it, I won’t get in too much trouble!!)

So, that’s my take…when Lily tells me that a number isn’t real, or Kev fusses at me because I really good at subtracting, but NOT adding, or when I start to feel OLD….I’m just gonna change the channel! haha…..

Who’s with me??