I’m trying to figure out how it’s almost spring when there was never really a winter! haha…When the Kevman and I lived in Vegas, I couldn’t wait to get back to NC so I could have more than two weather types: hot and hotter! This “winter” though has been more of a Vegas year, haha…but who could get mad about such pretty pictures like these?



Pretty days like this one make me think about days at the beach and being out in the sun. The best part of this summer will be that I’ll be on the recovery end of one horrific year! I’m going to figure out how to take it one day a time and not wish my life away — even the bad parts right now. A person has to grow during times of stress, right? I mean, if not, what was the point of going through the rough spots? My growth, I think, is learning to take better care of my health and the Kevman’s health. I want us to have a stupid hobby together — like not knowing how to play tennis or almost drowning at scuba diving. Just something to keep us active and feeling alive — not sitting around waiting for the next medical crisis.

I mean, if we aren’t here, WHO would be around to listen to the LilyBelle complain about being BORED and having NO ONE to PLAY with??