Today’s post is a LilyBelle story:

Lily had a very, very good good day because Lily had a really, really fun field trip. And she went to a play. It was called Charlotte’s Web. The play was about Wilbur the pig and Charlotte the spider. They were friends. Charlotte saved Wilbur’s life. She was about to lay a egg sac. She had 100 children, but she died. Wilbur took care of them for his friend. He missed his friend very, very much. That’s why he wanted to take care of them for his friend, Charlotte. The goose was really bossy (like my mommy), and Templeton had a great time at the fair.  Templeton ate so much food at the fair. He was fattened up so a witch could cook him and eat him. And Charlotte said, “Templeton, you need to stop going to the fair and eat that much.” My mommy loves Charlotte’s Web because it is “T-double E-double R-double I – double F- double I – double C” !! I loved it. It was so, so good and terrific.


I had a great time at the play. Then we went to Chuck E Cheese. I could play games and get lots of tickets, but I didn’t have time to play seven more games. It was lots of fun. I had so much fun that I couldn’t breathe anymore, and I was about to puke!

by: Lily Suzanne


I hope you liked Lily’s summation of her day. I finally got it out of her how her field trip went! You’d think a 5-year-old would be more descriptive and excited about riding a bus and going to a play and eat at a restaurant…but she’s been taking too much advice from Jake and “forgetting” all about her day. I have to PULL IT OUT OF HER!! haha…