Okay, well, it’s a Slice of Life…and my “life” right now is BORING. If you read my blog, you know I’m going through chemotherapy for breast cancer (if you’re a new reader, I won’t bore you).

Yesterday, I bought a new wig and 4 hats. Kev loves the wig:

I think it looks sort of like my hair about 6 years ago…I had cut off about twelve inches and donated it to the Locks of Love charity. They make real hair wigs for children with cancer.

Anyway…This is my life today. I probably should have taken an idea from Mary Helen’s post about her van, but I didn’t read it in time!! Another time, maybe. For now…I’m just going to remember “me” — the real me….the one who isn’t tired or practically bald or a cancer statistic. Yay, me!! šŸ™‚

But remember….