I read a couple of days ago on Twitter that Robert Sherman died this week. Who’s Robert Sherman, you may ask? Well, apparently, he was just the musical genius behind most of the Disney movies I love! (Here’s the link to the LA Times story: Robert Sherman obituary). One of the movies he worked on was Mary Poppins — a movie I could watch, restart, rinse & repeat a million times! — the story which brings me MUCH joy! He and his brother also wrote the music & songs for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang — another that I am absolutely obsessed with.

But the song I’m reminded of this morning is “It’s a Small World” — it’s used in a ride at Disney World. The lyrics sort of repeat “It’s a small world after all….there’s so much that we share, that it’s time we’re aware, it’s a small world after all” — sung in all sorts of different languages. Thank God for YouTube…here’s a video:

I think I was like 8 the first of two times I went to Disney World — and I remember loving this ride. All the little characters looked to happy and safe and harmonious. These adjectives weren’t really ever used to describe the family I grew up in, unfortunately. But, like all the other Disney products, goodness always came out on top — a theme that gave me hope.

Often over the years, it’s occurred to me that many of the kids I work with have these same issues — like a physical and/or emotional safety problem. I hope that, even though I’m just their teacher, I’ve shown them a little light. That maybe if they see that they have more things in common with others than not, that they can reach out and find some positiveness they long for. If I can lead by example and give them hope for a better future, then I think I’ve done my job –either that, or when I spaz out and sing these songs to them in class, they at least laughed a little and found some joy! 😉