Today is a Proms & Potties* story….

So, the Jakester is home for spring break — why he has no friends to go somewhere with during this week is beyond me…however, I’m glad to have him home. The LilyBelle drives me NUTS during the weeks he’s not here. All she says to me is how BORED she is and nobody PLAYS with her and why can’t Jakey-poo come HOME and TAKE HER OUTSIDE?????


LilyBelle: Jake…mommy says you have to take me outside RIGHT NOW!

Jakester: (under his breath) God, mom, I really hate you right now. (out loud) Lily, it’s too cold, and I want to eat something. I just got up! (umm…it’s like 2pm).

LilyBell: (yelling) Mommy!!! Jake says he hates you!

Jakester: (yelling) Lily, you’re SUCH A TATTLETALE. Mom…I don’t hate you…I just hate you putting ideas in her head about going outside!

Me: You people are making me LOSE MY HAIR! (for emphasis, I pull a few strands of hair to show them — it’s a horrible thing, I know! Couldn’t be helped, though!! haha)


LilyBelle and Jakester are in my room watching a movie, but mostly LilyBelle’s scream-laughing while Jake’s tickling her. Suddenly, LilyBelle comes stomping out of the room:

LilyBelle: Mom…You need to grow a pair!

Jakester: (howling with laughter, says “Oh my God…I can’t believe she did it!” & laughs some more.)

Me: (to Lily) What did you say, Miss Missy??

LilyBelle: You know. You have to grow a pair!

Me: (still listening to Jake laugh in the other room). You better quit saying stuff that Jake tells you to. You’re going to be in some HUGE trouble!

Lily: He’s my brother. I have to do what he says.

Me: Yeah? Well you go back in there and tell him that I’m going to wash his mouth out with soap. And you stop saying that!

Lily: Mom (she’s indignant now that I’m going to “punish” her brother)…I didn’t say a bad word!

Me: Right…you go back in that room and see if Jake tells you what that means.

Lily: I already know! It means you got to plant a tree and grow a pear!

Jake: (I think he busted a gut laughing this time!)


Oh, goodness! I’m in for SUCH a wonderful week! 😉

*FYI — My Proms & Potties stories are about my kids: Jake (19 y/o) & Lily (5 y/o) — mostly about how they act the same despite the age differences. I have them tagged if you’re interested in any others.