Ya know that feeling when you crave “something different” but find it hard to define? Well, that’s how I find myself lately, not just because medical issues prohibit me from being productive at work for the next several months, but also because I’m less mobile. Gas prices are skyrocketing; I don’t have a coffee shop or bookstore close by; so all the writing I’m doing is at my boring old house.

So one day last week when the LilyBelle made me walk outside, I found a little trail behind my house (something I’m sure has been here all along…but…who actually explores the back yard of their house?? haha). Anyway, the trail led to a small creek that looked perfect for…wait for it…A WRITING NOOK!! It just seems made perfectly for me except for one small problem, immortalized by the character Chunk in the classic movie The Goonies: “I love the dark….but I hate nature!!”

There’s a little spot under one of the trees where I could put a chair…or I can cross the creek and sit in the middle of the moss…or, and this came to me just last night…the Kevman can buy one of those tent thingys that zips up, you know, like for parties? That would take care of my nature (see flying insects) problem.

Anyway, I just need a room of my own — and my house isn’t working for me. My other two options are the newly remodeled library or the lounge at the Starbucks kiosk at the local hospital. I wonder if my stories will be different in the different settings?

Here are my pics…just press play and tell me what you think. Where’s your favorite place to write or be inspired?

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