Today is a Proms & Potties special…


LilyBell has just reached the age where she’s in love with her older brother. He can do no wrong–as long as there’s no one else around to take her attention off him (especially my sister). He can play with her just a little rougher (not much, though, because she’s a scaredy-cat), and watch some of the same tv shows (Spongebob, anyone?) and genuinely have a conversation.


Jake has been home from his first year of college, and Lily couldn’t be happier. She loves bossing him around, and trying to figure out how she can be in charge of him, and makes him color and play dolls with her. She begged me to let him pick her up from preschool today since I was going to be pretty late after my Writing Project class.

The Problem

So, now, my mom (who lives with us) has decided to intervene in Jake’s & Lily’s relationship, much to my chagrin. She’s taken to fussing at Jake all the time when he’s playing with her, especially when he wants Lily to say a password in order to get around him (the password changes from a hug to an I-Love-You), or if she thinks Jake is aggravating Lily too much.

The Solution

So, both Lily and Jake have ganged up on their grandmother, who’s in their business. In the most inspired of ways, they’re figuring out how to be brother and sister. Jake tells his grandmother that she needs to trust him and he wants to make his own relationship with his sister (He’d have to, right? I mean, there’s 14 years between them!). Lily says “Mamaw, quit saying it. You are not the boss!” And then she tells me that mamaw doesn’t listen, and I have to say, “That mamaw. What are we going to do with her?” And Lily says, “Put her in time out forever!”

I suppose that’s one way to handle the situation! haha…but I just think this time of figuring each other out is one of the sweetest times I’ve ever witnessed. I don’t think Lily will appreciate her relationship with Jake until she’s much older (well, she’ll got nuts when he goes back to college. She will NOT like that.) But he’s old enough to understand how precious Lily is in his life. I’m positive that I didn’t appreciate my sister until we were way old adults!

I am a little worried though. I’ve been told that when he was 8, Jake spun the cat around by the tail. But that could just be a “Jake-tale”!