July is the worst month because EVERYBODY’S birthday comes at the same time! Meg, Jake, Paula, Kevo, and my brother (if he were still alive). Everyone wants more expensive gadgets, like iPod Touches, iPads, & PlayStation 3s….and all of them have become too difficult to buy for–which drives me more than a little insane! All I want to do, you see is go to the beach. How come THAT can’t be a good gift? Send me to the beach for a month, and I’ll be happy, then…they will all be happy! haha….Yep, you guessed it….It’s all about me!!

So, I’m at a loss as to what to buy them…Here’s what I think so far (in order of the birthday):

Meg  — a new car (because hers keeps on breaking down), and a college education (because she didn’t make some good choices a few years ago)

Jake — a trip around the world, so he can visit all the countries he can before school starts in August; oh…and an acceptance letter from UNC Wilmington — because that’s really where he wants to go to college

Paula — ummm…she has me for a sister; what else could she possible want?? But just in case, I’ll give her a weekend at a spa where she can get massages and manicures & pedicures for herself instead of doing them for other people. I might also rent her a dude for fashion advice, hairstyling, and cooking all her meals!

Kevo — ummm….isn’t being married to me enough??? No? Fine….how about I enroll him in the Beef Jerky of the Month Club? I’ll be he’d LOVE that! I really want to get him some golf clubs so he can take up a sport and meet some new friends. People who aren’t total drunks or too old for him to hang out with. I could give him some coupons, since he LOVES clipping them so much–these coupons would be for some Ritalin; the dude has a crazy case of ADHD!!

Okay, well, that’s my random ideas for birthday gifts….Got any others?