Tonight’s Proms & Potties is magical…We’re having a Harry Potter marathan–the first one in quite some time. So, here’s my life for the last three hours….


Jake (picks up the new Entertainment Weekly magazine   and says: they have this really cool picture from the last movie.

Me: Super–show me.

Jake: Here. It’s from when they were in Gringotts.

Me: I totally don’t remember that part in the book. I know, let’s…

Jake: Have a marathon?? (He can’t quit smiling at this point) I just thinking that.

Me: Do we have all of them? (Because in my head, I’m thinking that we don’t).

Jake: We don’t have 4 & 5…They have them at Walmart for like $10 each.

Me: Okay…well go on and get them.

Jake: And….so if it’s a marathon….that means we need….pizza!!



Me: Hey Lily….do you want to stay up all night and watch Harry Potter?

Lily: All all all night long?? The whole night? And never go to sleep until the sun comes up?

Me: Yep. And the first one who goes to sleep gets shaving cream in their hands, and then we tickle their nose, and they will put the shaving cream all over their face!

Lily: YEAH!!!! I can’t WAIT to stay up all night!!

~~So then about 20 minutes into HP & Sorcerer’s Stone, Lily says: When do we get to watch another movie?


Now, both Jake and I are on our laptops (I’m not sure what Jake is doing, but I knew I had to blog, and I couldn’t get it done with my cellphone!). Lily says: Mommy, I need to go to the car to get my laptop.

Me (trying not to laugh too loudly): What are you talking about?

Lily: I need my Barbie laptop ’cause I am SO BORED of Harry Potter! I have to do my work!!

~~If it wasn’t so dark in here, I’d take a pic of these wonderful kids who show me everyday how different life is living with digital natives!!!

Anyway…this is a link to my favorite scene from ALL of the movies….I would give almost anything to be able to send a HOWLER to people who aggravate me!! haha…