I’m stuck at home for another summer. The economy stinks, Jake’s tuition has depleted any “extra” money we may have, and we’re still reeling from saving the dog’s life last year. Added to this, I’m going to start another year with no raise at work, but increased insurance rates and no other money for supplies. I am more than a little miffed when I think of this.

To make matters worse I happen upon this girl’s website who claims to be a “Bookaholic” (I really should have TM-ed that term a long time ago! haha)…she’s a teacher (of course) who “reads” and “travels” and has 750 people “following” her….Then, I read on Twitter about all these really cool teacher workshops that people are going to that I can’t attend. At first, I just kept getting mad and let my jealousy bug get the best of me. Then, I decided to make a video

Here it is:

13 Places I’d Love to See (some, again)….



3 — Savannah

4 — hiking in perfection

5 — RVing to: Colorado

6 — Big Sur

7 — Mount Rushmore

8 —  Grand Canyon

9 — Plane to: Key West

10 —  Belize

11 –Venice, Italy

12 –Rome, Italy

13 –Charleston

I hope you enjoyed my movie…I feel much better now!