Ahhh…summer….School’s almost out, I have a ton of work to grade, and my students have gone crazier than they normally are. Somer, Donna, and I have to meet with Big Daddy tomorrow to discuss the writing test results. I don’t want to talk about that. Will it do any good? Most likely not. This group of sophomores are incorrigible (Crap! I guess I shouldn’t say that–you know what happened to that lady in Michigan when she told the truth about her students!! “Fiiiii-re!”

So, I’m trying to think about what to say to him tomorrow. The three of us tried to talk to him in the fall; and, quite frankly, the sophomores’ appearance and atypical test results weren’t a surprise. We really should have had a plan in place last year. That would have required strategic planning and intervention, though–something that’s not a high priority where I work.  I can only think of smart-ass things to say (which will not serve me well tomorrow). I don’t see this dip in test scores as an instructional issue, though. I don’t understand why we have to be the ones to “fix” the writing when it’s been the same three of us who brought it up in the first place!

My ideas so far is to type some of the students’ writing tests and point out the discrepancies in grading. How fair is it when a student works his or her tail off in class and has an off writing day and gets no retakes? Testing does NOT make proficient writers.

And, at the moment, I’m too frustrated to even think about this. Every single time I’ve tried since I got the summons last week, my mind has been a blank. How do you plan for students you don’t know? Maybe I’ll go talk to the dude who teaches freshmen English in the morning…ask him what kind of writing those kids can do and if he has any suggestions.

Wish us luck!!