and, no, I did not exercise this week. Nor did I write outside what I normally do with my students in class. Oh well…life’s not all bad. I mean, I had my new yearly “summative” evaluation, and the assistant principal said I was a decent teacher. Of course, I think he was just blowing smoke since I couldn’t get my sophomores to do any better than 70% proficient on their writing tests. But, I tried to tell them that (1) the classes were too big; (2) the students are lower in both skill and motivation; and (3) he shouldn’t expect miracles. We couldn’t have that conversation, of course.

It’s okay. I’ve written about this crappy year more than once. So I need to just move on.

Good news, though….I’ve written my plans to last me the last three weeks of school–Thank you, God!!! We’re basically just having some fun with some technology programs….Two of my classes are reading the novel, Night, but I can’t stomach more than the first three chapters. After that, we’re doing some research on Dante’s Inferno, making Vokis and book trailers….

Here’s my example for this ghost story I read a month ago…

Pretty cool, huh??? Think a bunch of kiddoes who are failing now will be able to redeem themselves and make a 70??? Yeah, me neither….Wish us luck, though!! 🙂