Okay, well, I was all set at 10pm tonight to write about my first day of my life plan, and then the Kevman got woken up by a screaming Lily and went to smoke (I totally need to start smoking. I’m stressed at school, and because Lily is too spoiled….hey, doesn’t smoking make you lose weight, too?? hmmm…). Anyhoo….the Kevman yells at me to “turn on the tv because Obama’s going to make some kind of major announcement.” So, my stomach goes straight to my toes because I’m totally afraid of what horrible thing that has happened in the world…

I find out, when I turn on the tv that at first no one (the talking heads) know what’s going on…then @JohnKing comes on CNN and totally ruins The Prez’s surprise!! It’s been amazing, though, to live through this moment in history in both with my favorite MSNBC and Twitter!! I wish, though, that I could be in one of those flash mobs in Washington…..I think that’s is just the greatest show of unity ….everyone is just happy or relieved or something. And reading my Twitter feed has been nothing less than AMAZING!! I’ve been getting screencasts of some tweets to use in class tomorrow. We can talk about how fast the news broke, flash mobs, social media, should we celebrate a person’s death?, and, I found out on Twitter that today was the annoucement of Hitler’s death–and the 8th anniversary of GWB’s famous “Mission Accomplished” speech — MAN!!! When you combine that with the fact that the Prez broke in on the episode of Celebrity Apprentice, it just sort of feels like, I don’t know… irony!! 😉

So…it’s now 1:15am, and I’m totally exhausted…but I want to stay up and watch this. But, I didn’t get much on my To-Do List completed this weekend, so I suppose I should go to bed. I do want to say that I did exercise for about an hour (Hark! Do you hear my knees creaking?), and I stayed under my calorie count. So…SCORE!!! Yea, me!!

As far as writing goes, I was supposed to write about what happens when I write–what my critic says to me; what makes me stop? Well, I didn’t stop tonight. I wrote. Blogging counts. Plus, I’ve sent six or seven tweets. And checked papers. And an email to a student who’s driving me crazy!!

BTW….does anyone else see Jack Bauer’s hand in this Osama success?? Wouldn’t you LOVE to talk to one of the men involved in that operation? That’s just amazing…USA….USA…USA…USA!!!