Warning: Do NOT read this if you don’t have like an hour!!

Okay,well, I’m sitting around watching The Office on DVR, crying about it being Michael’s last show (and I can’t seriously figure out whether I’m going to like Will Ferrell’s role, yet….), and I’m in a totally rotten mood….so why not make a new life plan??? Seems as good a time as any, right? Who knows….maybe I’ll write myself into a better mood. (Okay, probably totally not!)

There are two major things I need to do with my life this year (umm….sure, I know it’s freaking May, and I should have probably made this public in January. Try not judge).

So, here’s my major plan: I gotta               & I gotta     (this one means the “E” word, btw..). I figured if I used pics rather than words, it might psych my brain out a little bit.

Why am I trying to change my life at this point? I mean…why change at “only” a “young” “29”? First reason: Meg Cabot just had a book published titled Abandon — a brilliant retelling of the Persephone myth (the Greek myth about why the seasons change). Here’s the trailer for the book (I’m almost half finished reading!)…..

The reason this is an issue is my book that I haven’t finished is practically like that— not the Persephone myth, per se, but still sort of like that (has to do with evil and past lives and all that). And she wrote it, and I didn’t. I didn’t because I keep expecting a brilliant story/novel to just pop out of my head, a living, breathing, ready-to-be-published best-seller. A couple of problems with that: (1) writing doesn’t really happen like that; (2) it really won’t happen like that IF I DON’T WRITE!!!!

The other problem is there’s no reason for me to not be my best physically. It’s not okay anymore for  me to pretend that “it’s okay” and nothing bad will happen if I don’t take control of my body. I want to enjoy life, not keep being all hunched over and cringe when I see myself in store windows and videos. I want to take pictures with my family and not have the first thought go through my mind be: Damn…I’m so freaking fat! Is that too much to ask?

Anyway, if anyone reads this crappy blog, I hope that you don’t get too lost with my schizophrenic sort of postings. I have a couple of ideas for my change and figured if I make them public (even though no one reads this) that I would think that I have something held over my head–a reason to really do something different.

The plan so far for this….. is to follow Sparkpeople’s Spring Into Summer Bootcamp and Walk Away the Pound’s May walk schedule.

The plan so far for this…. is to work with the book, Discovering the Writer Within by Barry Lane — a book that has forty daily exercises to get your creative writing juices flowing (okay, it can also help with non-fiction writing, too, I suppose).

So…wish me luck. I start tomorrow, May 1st (Good luck, Steph.  Why thank you, Steph!!) I’ll update the “E” word and use the blog to practice the “W” word. The theme for National Blog Posting Month is “Maybe” — so…maybe I’ll stick to this.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. – Henry David Thoreau

Yes….I think I will.