Okay folks….it’s April, and officially Nationally Poetry Month!! What does that mean, you ask?? Well, basically that I get to bore my readers to death with love poems–haha…..Nah…seriously….I think I’m going to try the April Poem-A-Day Challenge. But, seeing as how I’m already 4 days behind, I’m not sure how it’s going to go!!

Feel free to help me out!

Day 1 Prompt: write a “what got you here” poem

The Old Datsun

You and I had some good times, didn’t we?

You coughed and sputtered and jostled, didn’t you?

You found the path to Boiling Springs

And periodically sprouted wings,

especially when we were running late!

You only needed a little love, didn’t you?

You didn’t like it when you ran all day, did you?

You just needed a little water, but alas,

I killed you with  my wandering glance!

(haha…This is for my first car, a blue, dingy Datsun. It hardly ever ran right, especially because I didn’t know I had to put water in the radiator!! haha…)

Day 2 Prompt: write a postcard poem


Just writing to say

The sun’s smiling our way

Just arrived at the first stop

We’re teetering on the mountain top!!


Day 3 Prompt: write a poem in which you imagine the world without you

Seriously Missing…

The day started out just fine until

We noticed that no one cared about reading

Or if we could blog

Or whether we sat on the desk tops.

What happened to her, seriously?

She up and walked away, and it’s something we’re

Sure we had a hand in.

Of course, it could have been some dude named

Mar Zan Oh.


OMG…That totally SUCKED!!!! haha…Definitely needs a rewrite!

Day 4 Prompt: pick a type of person and write a poem about him or her

The 4 Year-Old

Her mass of curls snakes out like Medusa’s threats

She comes undone with ants and other insects

Just today, she could barely walk

Because her ankle was scratched and red.

Her Barbies, nomads with no home

Clutter up each room, resembling the bones

That the dogs love to chew (They’ve only done that once!)

A giggle as light as air lifts your spirit

No matter if you only hear a snippet.

But don’t let her know you just found

A black bug  flying around!

Hmm….this one might have promise….The only one so far, I think!