Today, I’m wondering a few things about education. Grades are due tomorrow, and I’m just not sure my students learned what I wanted them to.

13 Things I Wonder When I Have Time to Wonder

1. Is it better to do your reading log every day and never complete a book? What have I learned?

2. If I “forget” to do any work during the first six to eight weeks of the grading period, but turn in just enough to get a 70 (passing grade), what have I learned?

3) Should school be a place where somebody tell s me what I need to learn or a place where I say, “Hey, I’d really like to know…” — What could I learn then?

4) What could possibly be the purpose of daily assignments? Is there a better way to show what I’ve learned?

5) If I’m writing every day, how do I know I’m getting better or just staying the same?

6) What’s the point of reading literature from other countries?

7) How do I know I understand something if I don’t write it down?

8 ) What do I really want to learn in a required English class? What does it mean to my life?

9) If all the adults in my life say that education is so important, what’s happens if I don’t agree?

10) How can reading a novel, learning some new vocabulary words, and writing essays possibly help me in my career?

11) If I can play video or computer games, but can’t save or retrieve a computer file or create a blog, can I really say I’m a 21st century kind of kid?

12) How is this class really preparing me to be a 21st century student or for a 21st century career? What does that even mean?

13) When’s lunch?

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