The Kevman took me to breakfast this morning (btw…having to get dressed and go out in the cold is SOOOO much more romantic than having breakfast in bed!! <<wink, wink>>).

Anyway, one of our first extended conversation topics involved this question from my man: “Do you know what a taxonomy is?” Well, sure, I tell him. I mean, did everyone reading this yell, “BLOOM’S”???!!! haha…(kidding, sorry). Then the Kevman proceeds to tell me that Lowes Corporate Headquarters in Mooresville has a job for someone to do a taxonomy (categorize their products), and you have to have a Library Science degree to do it. “I can do that!” I say enthusiastically. I mean, I categorize and tag all day long (example: redneck vs. trailer trash vs. good-ol-country-boy/girl — haha….).

Then I say: I’ll be one of “those” people.

Kevman: What kind? A person with a real job?

Me: That’s it. We’re finished. I’m officially divorcing you!

Of course the Kevman laughs it off and says something even more stupid that I’m almost embarrassed to repeat: You know, if you didn’t count all the time you stay after school or the time you do work at home, you have pretty good hours. You have all the major holidays off, two weeks off at Christmas and a week long vacation coming up. Then you’re off all summer. If you had to really work, you’d probably be getting paid $75,000.

(Ahem…please refer to the divorce statement above!!)

So now, my existential angst surfaces, and the more I think about applying for this fantastically cool-sounding job at Lowes (even though I don’t have a Library Science degree), the question that swirls in my head is: If I’m not a teacher, who am I? Who would I talk to about books? What kind of cool technological gadgets would I be missing out on if I left education? Is being a librarian at Lowes as important as opening the future to ungrateful teenagers? Does teaching really matter, or is it just a job–a way to make a living (okay, until the Republicans came into office and decided to take education initiatives back to the tadpole days! Sorry if any repubs read this, but seriously…are you not a product of public education? You seriously need to get over the fact that your high school English teacher made your Senior paper bleed red–the paper really did suck. Don’t try to bring her down! Go read a piece of fiction and learn how to treat other people!!!)

Will said it best: To teach or not to teach. That is the question.