My students are blogging. I’m the first class in my county to institute it; however, at least one of my colleagues has started with her class, too, and there’s a possibility of at least one other one starting soon. I’m totally psyched, because my students seem excited. They’re sharing their lives; they’re reading and commenting on each other’s posts; and they are NOT shy in wanting to learn everything I can teach them about adding media to their writing. So, my post tonight is in honor of them–all 80 fifteen- & sixteen-year-olds who have followed me into the blogosphere…

13 Blogging Lessons I’ve Learned from My Students

1) Anytime is a good time to blog (Mrs. McCabe doesn’t mind getting email day & night telling her we’ve added a comment to her blog!)

2) It doesn’t matter what Mrs. McCabe has planned — if she gets the laptops, we’re BLOGGING ALL PERIOD!!

3) There’s a YouTube video for EVERY post– EVERY SINGLE ONE! (See #6–Haha!!)

4) There’s just something about writing about the mundane things going on in life–as long as my friends can read about it and comment on it.

5) Everything I write must have at least one of the following: fishing, the rodeo, a pasture, 4-wheeling, country music, &/or church.

6) When Mrs. McCabe assigns me a “paper” writing task, my mind is ALWAYS blank; however, I have had NO PROBLEM coming up with a topic for my blog entries!

7) I think I remember you telling us that we were getting a grade for these things, but….I might actually do this project for free!

8 ) Grammar…yeah, yeah….Capitalization…yeah, yeah…Quit nagging us, Mrs. McCabe. You KNOW what I meant even if I didn’t use those good writing skills you thought you were teaching us!

9) And by the way…ALL my posts are grammatically perfect. I don’t have to edit.ย 

10) The computer won’t let me add anyone to a blogroll–Oh, the address is wrong? That was a colon? Sorry, I thought all I had to do was type the person’s name, and it would magically appear. It worked for Harry, Ron, and Hermoine!

11) The greatest compliment I can get on my blog is if the LilyBell sends me a Voki!!

12) Life would just be grand if all we had to do was read and blog. Can we just do that, Mrs. McCabe??

13) Hey, Mrs. McCabe…did you know that blogging is like one of those things I might have to do when I go to college or get a job? Did you know my mom reads my blog, and she loves it? Did you know that even though I think school is boring and keeps me from sleeping, that I’d come to school just for your class so I can blog?

Yes, Houston, I know. I’m thinking there’s NOT a problem! (Okay, well except for not being able to get through the literature I really wanted us to read this semester! Is it bad that I’m letting them direct their own learning a little bit?). It’s not perfect, and I’ve had to fuss and nag some students to get with the program, but I’m calling this month successful anyway!