Oh, my goodness…the ants are back!! Every spring for the last seven years that I’ve lived in this part of the world, our house has been invaded by ants. Little black ones–little things looking for food–little parts of nature. No big deal, right?


I have a four-year-old who’s desperately afraid of bugs. Any type of bugs. She screams at the mere mention of the “b” word! So now, she’s in the shower, she keeps looking up to the ceiling (their apparent home), she sees one–or two; or three–and howls at the top of her lungs for me to come kill them! Now I don’t consider myself much of a killer, but I’ve killed 8 already. I left them in the toilet because I just squished them and didn’t think I needed to waste a flush. Maybe I should take a picture of them and show them to her when she gets older…tell her how silly she was. I’ve tried to read her books about ants so she gets the idea that they won’t hurt her; she’ll have none of that, though. At the end of  Hey Little Ant, when the kid is supposed to decide whether to squish the ant or leave it alone, she ALWAYS screams, “Squish it, Mommy!! Squish it!!!”

She’s just happy for me to be a killer.

(Actually, in this economy and mean attitude toward the teaching profession, my killing instincts might work in my favor…Hmmmm….