I’m still about 22 days out from Spring Break (AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!); needless to say, I’m pooped! So today’s Slice is a mix of moments that’s happened today.

1) Naps are good for the soul, and I do NOT feel bad for taking one when I got home from work (even if Spongebob invaded my dreams because I made LilyBell stay in the bedroom with me, so she wouldn’t get in trouble. Yes, I’ll admit it…the tv was the babysitter!).

2) Nothing excites my loving Kevo more than mowing the grass! Spring is what, two days old? He came bouncing in the house late this afternoon to announce that he was “home early to mow the grass”!! I found out later that he purchased a new mower, so he “had to break it in.” God, boys are so dumb! haha…

3) My cat, Thumper, could have had a staring role in that cartoon called CatDog (it used to come on Nickelodeon several years ago). Thumper is an inside-cat because for the longest time, we lived in town where she couldn’t just roam around without being run over by a car or stolen. But lately, she’s started sitting at the front door and meowing so she can go out. She’s not content anymore to sit on top of the couch and growl at the birds in the trees! And, the worst (funniest) part is she’s started begging when we have dinner! And you know that I feed her! She’s the funniest when she gets on my shoulder and sticks her nose at my mouth to “remind” me that she’s there and requires some special treatment!

4) I was feeling guilty about giving out free grades to my students so they don’t fail and I don’t have to make parent contacts (I know. I’m horrible. But with practically a month to go before I get some time off from school, I’m afraid I’ll snap when another parent tells me his/her kid is failing because of something I have or have not done “for” the kid.) Anyway, after watching the latest episode of Community, I dropped the guilt because Jeff says something like “At Greendale (the community college), we don’t care about learning. We just lower our standards.” haha…That’s how I’m feeling. I really just want to ditch all the grades and make the students tell me what they’ve learned and grade that reflection. I wish I knew how to do portfolio evaluations. Maybe that would help–who knows.

5) The LilyBell’s favorite activity is to create a Voki–a talking avatar. If you haven’t had your students use this site, don’t worry about an age limit. LilyBell’s four and can maneuver around the site practically by herself. I first showed her how to make a Voki as just play and then I had her  make one for her uncle’s birthday. Since then, she’s sent messages to family members and friends–just to say hello. She’s been bugging me for a couple of weeks to “make a noki” and tonight seemed like a good time. So, here’s the latest Voki from the LilyBell:

And, here’s the message she wanted to send to my high school students:


Like I said, I love Vokis…I’ve made several for my students to explain projects and beginning of semester things. And I had them create their first one as an introduction–then they embedded it into their blogs. The next project for them will be to record a one-minute booktalk. I can’t wait for those!