Hello, Mr. Parent…Mrs. Unbeliever….

Here are my responses to your idea that your son/daughter isn’t responsible for his/her learning, behavior, attitude in school:

1) I’m sorry, but if you only complete 4 of 7 assignments in the last three weeks, the grade won’t be much higher than a 70. Do you really think your son/daughter should receive the same grade for work turned in a month late? If your son/daughter had turned in the assignments in on time, would you refrain from complaining about the difference in grading for other students?

2) No, I will not hold any student back from the use of technology. If your son/daughter does not take advantage of the laptops and computer labs at school, I refuse to take responsibility for the poor grade at the end of the project.

3) Most good teachers will give students strategies to deal with problematic issues (especially those that deal directly with technology). However, we refuse to stand over your son/daughter demanding he/she use them.

4) During the years I taught Special Education at the elementary, middle, high school, and alternative school levels, I expected my students to conduct themselves in a manner that showed their respect for me and, most importantly, for themselves. I’m pretty sure that if I expected it from students with learning and behavioral disabilities (at varying levels), it’s not too far-fetched to expect it from your non-disabled and/or academically gifted son or daughter. You know that saying: You are who you are when no one’s looking….? Your son or daughter might benefit from learning the meaning behind this. Or…wait a minute…maybe YOUR the one who needs to learn it! Hmmm….

5) While I appreciate your need to stand up for your son/daughter when I have to call about poor grades, would you extend this same “courtesy” to my child who may work for you one day? Oh? So being employed demands certain skills? Employers have certain expectations? If those expectations aren’t’ met, are there consequences?

One more thing, Mr. Bully…if you don’t shut your trap, my husband’s going to show you exactly how pissed he is that he has to “donate” more school supplies since your son/daughter decided to break what I have already donated–You do know that you expect me to teach your son/daughter without you having to pay for anything, right? Well, tell me, please, if YOU aren’t going to pay for it, and the school system isn’t going to pay for it, who’s left? Me! This I do willingly every year. So what I need from you is for you to shut up your meanness and say Thank You!