I’m laying beside the LilyBell tonight, listening to her snore (stuffy nose), wishing for more TIME! I think that I never really notice the time change in the spring until a week or so after the change–and today, it has hit me! What happened to my hour, and what could I do with it if I had it back?? Hmm…let’s ponder:

13 Things I Could Do With an Extra Hour

* Finish reading The Forest of Hands & Teeth (sorry to have kept your book hostage, Lindsey!).

* Taken a long bubble bath– with a glass of wine, surrounded by candles –rather than a quick shower while the dogs were outside.

* Checked the last batch of  my students’ reading logs.

* Written my lesson plans for the week (Okay, well, maybe I’d at least written down what I’m going to do on Monday!)

* Sat around another hour wishing the Jakester loved me & missed me enough to text/call/respond to my texts.

* Read LilyBell one more book.

* Read and commented on all my students’ blog posts– I think most of them blogged all weekend long! I’ve gotten emails all weekend from the blog program! Yea!!

* Watched the tivo-ed episode of American Idol to see who was voted off (Kevo already spoiled it, but he knew I wouldn’t take time to watch it!)

* Gone to Staples to get: glue sticks, a tape dispenser, and sentence strips.

* Exercised (Okay, probably not…but I probably would have watched a P-90X infomercial and wished I had “time” to exercise like that! Ha!)

* Washed and ironed my clothes for the week.

* Made out with the Kev-man (then used the other 45 minutes to nap…hahahahahahahahahahahaahaha….)

* Written a better post! haha…

P.S. Here is the web address for the Dali picture above (Modern Time Myth)

P.S.S…This is probably one of my favorite songs of all time…It usually makes me cry…