I’m down South where it is hot, hot, hot. And on my hall, it was SOOOO hot…

Q: How hot was it?

A: It was so hot, we had to read Dante’s Inferno and skip right to the 9th circle (because it’s made of ice!)

It was so hot, I would have rather have been in stupid principal-led staff development in the cool science wing of the building!

It was so hot, my students’ blogs wouldn’t stick to their webpages.

It was so hot, the cockroaches decided to commit suicide by jumping out the window.

It was so hot, waterboarding sounded like a viable alternative to school!

It was so hot, one of my students asked “Do you want fries with that?” out of habit…

It was so hot, another of my students switched the letters of the laptop’s keyboard to spell “GET IC3”. (haha…that’s ICE!)

It was so hot, my class asked if we could start a lemonade stand to make money for ice cream.

It was so hot, my student who always tells me he’s “Baptist” started begging for forgiveness (haha…you know, because he thought he was in church..haha..nevermind–sorry! )

It was so hot, the mice who came looking for water started screaming and jumping up on the desks (sorry…that’s what my students do when the mice scurry across the classroom!)

It was so hot, Bon Jovi spontaneously serenaded me! (God, I miss his hair!!)


It was so hot, the fire sprinklers kept going off.

It was so hot, “Because I said so!” (That’s the LilyBell’s contribution!)

It was seriously hot today!! haha…