So, I’m blogging with my high school students at the same time as I’m in the middle of SOLSC for March. And just let me say, that double blogging is DIFFICULT!! I have to figure out two slices without losing myself…The only bright spot with my writing is that I’m sort of basing it on an old Japanese tale called “The Pillow Book.” The author, Shei Shonogan, was a courtier/lady-in-waiting, who was really nothing but a big old gossip! She wrote these short pieces for her own  pleasure, never thinking they would make it out of the palace (But, even pre-Internet, gossip leaked!). Anyway, she wrote stuff like character sketches, palace pet anecdotes, and lists–LOTS of lists! I’m trying to get my students to create their own lists..and here is an example that one of them wrote yesterday (It was my favorite blog entry):


Some things that make me happy are dancing in the rain, eating ice cream on a hot day, the first swim of a promising summer, listening to a song that I love and singing along with it, going shopping and being able to buy something i really like, the feeling of accomplishment, the hug of the day that makes you smile, the first kiss with that special someone, a free banana split, finding a great book, the person you can cry with, the time you feel closest to God, hearing my 9 month old niece laugh, finding that one person you can be yourself with, and knowing you have the best friend in the world because she’s there with you through everything.! (:

I didn’t edit her work at …just copied & pasted…but her list was based on one of the “Pillow Book” stories–and I just loved it. Now I just have to make some lists–so I won’t duplicate my entries here! haha….