Today is a Proms & Potties tale….


This morning, the local Barnes & Noble had a “breakfast, book, & craft” party. The character was Skippyjon Jones, of a kids’ book I haven’t read, but the premise is hilarious!! Apparently, the cute, little Siamese cat wants to be ANYTHING except a Siamese cat–so he decides he’s a Chihauhau….Here’s a quick video:

Anyway, this is a Potties story because the LilyBell went CRAZY shy!! I couldn’t get her to sit at the table with the other kids, so we colored at a table behind them (and the children’s bookseller kept ignoring all the kids NOT at the tables, which became extremely aggravating!). And when the Skippyjon Jones dude came out, the LilyBell was having NONE of meeting & greeting or taking pictures or getting the least bit close! She couldn’t seem to get close enough to me–as if she’d never been to the bookstore, or been around other kids, or seen any crazies! For some reason, this behavior out of her always dumbfounds me and makes me think of…


The Jakester, on the other hand, would have been all over that character. This book, actually, would have been one where I would have had to buy the entire series in hardback! No waiting for the paperback version! Skippyjon Jones reminds me of the Jakester in a way: they both want to be someone they’re not, and both have a vivid imagination –technically, Jake’s is MIA, though. But he had the best time at bookstores when he was little. When I was in graduate school, we hung out at an indy bookstore up in the mountains (he loved rolling on the carpet for story time and drinking some kind of fruity concoction). Before we moved to Las Vegas, we frequented Media Play, and he was in heaven! He roamed the store so much, and never stayed where I told him to, that I just KNEW the mommy police were going to come lock me up! In Vegas, the Borders had story time practically every night, and we were always there. The children’s bookseller was a sweet young dude with blue hair who Jake followed around the store. The dude would let Jake pick the book sometimes and never once told me to come get him because he kept telling the ending of the stories!! The point is, he was NOT shy as a kid the LilyBell’s age, but now, he can barely look people in the eye!

Jake tells me he can’t remember any of this stuff now, which makes me wonder if it really happened. Maybe that’s why I’m needing to write it down now. Maybe it’s why I keep comparing two kids who are so far apart in age–the LilyBell helps me remember how Jake was, and when I write down those stories, I don’t know…they make me nostalgic? They make me wonder why I didn’t write down Jake’s own stories? Is is all right for me to be “making up ground” now? And how in the world, have I produced two kids so many years apart, who are painfully shy in their personal stage of development?! Lord, help me! haha….