I’m adding students to my blogroll on my school’s platform, and a Campbell’s Soup commercial playing in the background gave me my slice for today: How are you getting to a happier place?

Wow! What a cool question…Let’s make a list…

13 Ways to a Happier Place

1. Let the LilyBell write a story….

2. Fuss at the Jakester for piercing his cute face (but know that he knows I’m just fooling around).

3. Kiss the Kevman–often…


4. Read a fabulous book (right now, I have a few going: Beautiful Creatures, Unwind, The Forest of Hands & Teeth, and The Scorch Trials — I’m never going to get them read, I fear!!)

5. Listen to a funny joke (What do cows do in their free time? Listen to mooooosic!!)

6. Yell at my wayward sister for not telling me when she’s traveling, so when I call or text her, I don’t FREAK when she doesn’t answer!!)

7. Watch Glee or Raising Hope

8. Watch the momentum of blogging in my classroom– and read messages from my students who say, “Thanks, Mrs. McCabe for showing us how to blog.”

9. Be okay with singing “Gloom, Despair, and Agony On Me” when you’re trying to go to sleep — and every time you turn over, the song’s still there, just laugh about it!!

10. Cackle out loud with Kalob (a student), when asked “Who has ever complained about nothing ever happening on your street or road?” , says “Well, I wouldn’t agree with that because I think there was a serial killer walking up my road one time.” I mean, what else can I do except laugh?

11. Mmmmmm……chocolate!!

12. Asian Night!! (it’s take-out!)

13. If all else fails, remember Alfred Hitchcock’s quote, “It’s just a movie. Let’s not get too deep into it.” Ahhh…don’t you love the classics?


I really hope I remember some of these things when I’m all stressed out and trying to be depressed….