Today’s slice will be short and sweet. The LilyBell is sick–again! She’s had allergy/cold-type symptoms since Sunday. I’ve been able to work out babysitting with her grandmother and the Jakester (since he’s home for break), but today, I couldn’t. Why is it that when politicians cry and moan about how much teachers cost the state, they never once say, “Hey, thanks for putting other people’s children’s needs ahead of your own.” ??? You can’t call into the substitute system after six in the morning, so I was trying desperately to talk myself into pretending the LilyBell was all right enough to go to preschool this morning–then she started hugging the toilet and spitting and looked at me with her purple-I’m-so-sick-Mommy eyes, and I just burst into tears! What other professional job makes you choose between your kids and the job practically on a daily basis? And that was the choice today–if I couldn’t find someone else to take care of my school children, I wasn’t going to be able to take care of my own child. I really did not appreciate that feeling (and I have never appreciated that feeling–I was just reminded of it once again).

We’re off to the doctor in a few minutes. And she’ll be fine. But now, all I can think about is all those other mothers who don’t have the “luxury” of paid sick days and who send their children to school or preschool sick–so mine can catch whatever they bring, and I have to take the day off. I can’t decide who I feel sorrier for!! Is that really bad?