I’ve spent some time today thinking about our five senses. I didn’t know I was thinking about them until one of my high school students insisted on entertaining the classroom with his silent odoriferous bombs!!! So, here’s my “day in senses”!!

Sight: students obviously stressed–brows furrowed, tapping pencils on their lips, knees shaking under desks

smiles & nods when I read the writing prompt (the definition of success)

lots and lots of traffic on the way to my interview with the national writing project folks!

a few sweet ducks (or they may actually be geese!) –> 

Smell: Why is it that when someone passes gas, it automatically triggers the funny bone??? I mean, it happened in class today (the kid was like competing with the cow farm up the road for most-methane-gas-production, for crying out loud!

On the way to Charlotte this afternoon, this dude in the car behind me had his shirt up to his nose, reminding me of my class today; then I noticed that the chick driving was smoking. I was no where near them, so technically I couldn’t smell it, but then….yes I could (I covered  my nose, too! haha)

The Kevman just cut some Hickory Farms sausage & the putridness of those pieces is NOT triggering my funny bone!! 😉  No wonder the dogs go wild when he eats that stuff!

Taste: I stopped at the Dunkin’ Donuts and bought some….donuts and coffee. I figured I owed it to myself because of all the stress of this stupid writing test and poor little kids with less than stellar work ethic. The coffee was steaming and creamy; the donuts were chocolatey and sweet and as enjoyable when I licked my lips!! haha… (I’ll worry about the aftermath of weight gain tomorrow.)

Hear: My friend Somer called me this afternoon almost in tears because she though our principal was going to fuss at her.

The local NPR station kept taunting me for not donating money; I felt bad, so I called and pledged. Good thing I still had the Kevman’s credit card!

“Mommy!!!!! I misseded you today!”

Touch: Lily made a necklace today and it is VERY HEAVY!!!

Why do microwaves NEVER cook the Healthy Choice meals thoroughly the first time, and then when you nuke it longer, you ALWAYS burn your finger??

It’s so hot in my classroom, I can feel the heat turning me into a bowl of soup! (Of course, I’d have to nuke it and burn myself, too!)

Emotions: Trepidation when I saw that not only did only 75 out of 250 students show up for the breakfast/pep talk this morning —

but also Anger when I realized that neither the principal nor assistant-principal-for-instruction showed up either. However, both of them will have no problem calling the writing teachers into their office and fussing if the scores aren’t good enough–but that’s not really a sense, is it?

Excitement when I read the prompt and heard a collective sigh of relief from my group of students

Upset when I found out that my homeless student is still homeless and no one in the office or guidance office seems to care (or maybe, like me, they don’t know what to do — but is that not their job?)

Proud this afternoon when my last group of students figured out the blogging platform & have started posting!! Yea!!!

Dejected if I don’t get picked to do National Writing Project this summer…

WOW! What a day!! 😉