Tomorrow is D-Day! Did my students take it seriously? Nope. Did they ask me questions? Yep. Here’s one: “What are they feeding us tomorrow?” Here’s another one: “Is anybody gonna know if I don’t plan?” Here’s one more that I enjoyed answering: “Will I miss anything important if I don’t come to school tomorrow?”

Here’s my response:

(Take out the last part about the girl, and just sing the Gloom, Despair, & Agony on Me….)

After today, I’m (practically) finished talking about the sad state of affairs of education today! HaHa…..poor little kids. They did enjoy the Dr. Seuss book today. Several kids said they felt like they were in kindergarten. I, of course, told them that if they were kindergartners, they would know they are supposed to NOT talk during a story (What? They don’t really know the truth!).

I’m definitely going to have to look for better writing topics. Maybe when that test is over tomorrow, I can clear my head and think. The good news is, I have an interview tomorrow with my local Writing Project (NWP); however–and here’s the Doom & Gloom–if the president just ended the funding, how is the program going to proceed? If anyone is involved in this project and can tell me, I’d love to know before my interview tomorrow. Also, how about some tips? I interviewed several years ago and didn’t get in–no reasons why. I just figured that I was such a bad teacher, and they could see through it, that they didn’t want me stinking up their program….Sorry…my D&G popped up again.

Must stop!!! πŸ˜‰